Jumat, 04 November 2016

Malachai Quarles

Side by side On the fateful night of the Titanic disaster, heiress Loretta Linden made sure her friends and fellow passengers got to the lifeboats before she even thought of herself. Her soft heart is legendary - and her desire to help others is her great passion. She will not rest until her little band is safely reunited in her native San Francisco - where she meets the dashing Captain Quarles. Hand in hand Malachai Quarles has sailed the seven seas - and he's had many a sweetheart - but he's never met a woman like Loretta. She's beautiful, funny, and generous to a fault, a collector of assorted lost causes, underdogs, and stray cats - and his heart. The freewheeling captain is madly in love with her - but he won't be tamed.

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